Manila, Philippines

I haven’t really been able to formulate full and complete thoughts about what I’ve experienced in the last 24 hours. The poverty and living conditions in Manila make my worst depiction of poverty experiences in China look like a vacation at the Ritz. I have been left all evening sitting here wondering if this is why the people of China support the People’s Republic of … Continue reading Manila, Philippines

Mount Huangshan – Yellow Mountains

Mount Huangshan Skipping over a lot of the trip so far, because internet has been incredibly difficult to work with! This afternoon I returned back to Tunxi from Mount Huangshan (the Yellow Mountains) for two more nights before heading to Hong Kong, and I’m so sore I can’t walk anywhere so I’ve got some time for an update.  Mount Huangshan was absolutely beautiful, even in … Continue reading Mount Huangshan – Yellow Mountains

Final Blog Attempt in China. 

I’ve now tried twice today spending nearly 2 hours to give a China update. Both times after a lengthy update Blog, the post has just disappeared 😩with everything vanished and nowhere to be found. Kinda over the whole internet in China situation.  Would love to share pictures and stories but not going to spend another hour to possibly/probably have it also just vanish into the … Continue reading Final Blog Attempt in China. 

Xi’an and This Fried Banana I ate 

Ni Hao! Internet has been less than ideal, but I’m alive and thriving and only slightly less weight, thanks to an endless supply of carbs in my diet! I will keep this short and sweet because I’m having to type on my phone and I don’t love how the last post turned out! Apparently my OCD for symmetry and formatting hasn’t been affected by China … Continue reading Xi’an and This Fried Banana I ate