Dear Diary…

July 12, 2017 I’m writing this from my shwanky housing for the next 6 days, while I eat a gourmet lunch and listen to the waves crashing against the shore… translation: “I’m writing this from my 2007 Chevy Cobalt (its black if you must know) and rented through Turo which is awesome for car rentals and way cheaper than online car companies… as I eat a … Continue reading Dear Diary…

Cameron Highlands: Mossy Forest

Cameron Highlands is like falling down a magical rabbit hole into the world of Alice in Wonderland in which your days are spent sipping tea, trekking through the magical Mossy Forest, Tea Plantations, and gorging on scones with strawberry jam (with more tea), and surrounding yourself with butterflies and gorgeously stunning flowers. As tea is one of my favorite things on this planet, and Carroll’s … Continue reading Cameron Highlands: Mossy Forest

Lambir Hills National Park, Miri, Malaysia

Today was an early one, up at 5am hoofing it to the bus station to be there by 6am, arguing with bus drivers about which bus to take (Lambir isn’t an actual stop) and finally getting on the right bus, at a different bus station, at 7:45… but I was finally at Lambir Hills National Park bright and early by 8:30am on a Monday… putting … Continue reading Lambir Hills National Park, Miri, Malaysia

Rice Terraces of Banaue

Banaue and the Rice Terraces of Banaue and Batad were absolutely mesmerizing and the initial reason I’d wanted to travel to the Philippines. (I mean aside from sunshine, gorgeous waters, and those cute little monkey things) The terraces did not disappoint, although the weather was less than cooperative. Rainy season typically starts in June, but my first day we experienced a Flash Flood that was … Continue reading Rice Terraces of Banaue

Sagada and the Hanging Coffins

Hello from Sagada! The Wifi Gods have favored me and I finally have decent internet to write a post! The Philippines and I have had a love – hate relationship, but at the moment as I sit on the patio watching the rain drizzle after a long day of hiking and spelunking in through forests and caves, it’s more of a love love relationship! Banaue … Continue reading Sagada and the Hanging Coffins

Mount Huangshan – Yellow Mountains

Mount Huangshan Skipping over a lot of the trip so far, because internet has been incredibly difficult to work with! This afternoon I returned back to Tunxi from Mount Huangshan (the Yellow Mountains) for two more nights before heading to Hong Kong, and I’m so sore I can’t walk anywhere so I’ve got some time for an update.  Mount Huangshan was absolutely beautiful, even in … Continue reading Mount Huangshan – Yellow Mountains