Dear Diary…

July 12, 2017

I’m writing this from my shwanky housing for the next 6 days, while I eat a gourmet lunch and listen to the waves crashing against the shore… translation: “I’m writing this from my 2007 Chevy Cobalt (its black if you must know) and rented through Turo which is awesome for car rentals and way cheaper than online car companies… as I eat a PB&J Sandwich while taking advantage of my 1 hour of free wifi that I get from the Marina Courtyard Shopping Center in Honolulu.” But I’ve splurged on the “natural” peanut butter at the store and refrained from my morning shower at the beach rinse station because there were small children on a school field trip… so I guess you could say I’m adjusting slowly to the whole back in America land of the exorbitantly priced EVERYTHING and rules about being indecent around small children.

Yesterday I went to a Goodwill and bought a blanket and a pillow and a super cool plastic cup with flamingos all over it from which I can drink my box wine in the evenings while watching Vikings on Amazon Prime with my car parked in the spot closest to Starbucks so as to get the best reception.

Lauren called me a Vagabond Homeless Person yesterday during our phone chat, which is only slightly true at the moment, as I’m pretty sure that in the State of Hawaii a car is an extension of your home and property, and therefore I’m doing just fine compared to the masses of homeless camps I’ve seen scattered across the island.

I did Pill Box Hike this morning, as I was startled and awoke at 5:13 this morning as the Starbucks workers rudely slammed their car doors as they headed into work… some people have no decency or respect for quite hours at this place. Pill Box hike was great as the sun came up, and as I sat out overlooking the ocean I lost track of time and was still for so long that a ferret like creature came up next to me before realizing I was not part of the scenery and scrambling away. (Remember to look up this animal and what it actually is, as I know it isn’t a ferret)

In other news: I’m really enjoying reading David Sedaris’ new book Theft By Finding, and I’m going to give the whole journal entries thing a new try focusing more on the random things I find of interest throughout the day rather then how we were taught to write a diary when we were younger. Kinda looking forward to being home, but still really not used to the whole civilization thing. Hawaii is a bit better to adjust to than Sydney was, but its still ridiculous that a Sausage & Egg McMuffin cost me $5.23 this morning which would have lasted me an entire day (or two) in any other country eating food much nicer then that shit I had this morning.


All jokes aside, hey everyone. In Hawaii for a week for my layover (and yes, this was really the cheapest way to get back home) ((I know you don’t believe me, but Hawaii wasn’t on my top destinations list))

Will be back in California from the 18th – 28th and then back to Oregon and the land of long overdue puppy dog kisses, my car, and some cooler weather! Missing ya’ll back home and I will totally get some stories and photos up over the next few weeks now that I actually have some good internet!

Phone is still kaput. Heading to pick it up now from a repair store that told me the “motherboard was fried” I have no clue what that means other then that its not useable. So after that I’ll be heading to AT&T to see if my spanky cool Lenovo Malaysian Phone can be used with a U.S. Sim Card and if they can handle that for me. Whooppee, back to chores!

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