Good Day from Sydney!

Hello from Sydney! FINALLY decent internet for more then 2 minutes at a time, woot! I arrived in Sydney last night from Malaysia, yep I know… probably pretty confusing for most of you as I was in Perth about 3 weeks ago, but to make a long (Lynee Long) story short… 1. Australia is Super Expensive 2. I couldn’t find any Automatic (Free) Transfer Cars 3. DO YOU KNOW HOW BIG AUSTRALIA IS? People call it an island… but it is massive, and Perth to Sydney was becoming a very daunting and stressful task 4. a bunch of other factors, but anyways back to Sydney.

Sydney in the “winter” is so far beautiful! I’m spending most of the week visiting with an old friend from one of my first solo trips abroad, Anthony, and staying with him and his absolutely lovely wife Shannon in a suburb of Sydney. Anthony and I met on a Contiki Tour which is essentially a right of passage Bus Tour Company in Australia which takes 18 – 30 year old’s on trips around the world. We were on a “Euro Trip” and among the oldest on the trip, who weren’t interested in drinking and hooking up our way across Europe, and so a small group of us “old people” became pretty close over a few weeks and still keep in touch today.

Embarrassing Old Photos Inserted Here:

As you may notice… some things just haven’t changed 🙂

With a whole week in one spot, I’m going to have plenty of time to get caught up on some reading and writing, planning, and of course vegetables. I am SO excited to be back in a land that has fresh food, hot showers, and no mosquitoes!

This morning was spent roaming Manly Cove, and then walking from there to Curl Curl Beach, and all the way to Dee Why Cove, which is where Anthony and Shannon live. The Coast is absolutely gorgeous, and with the colder winter weather (about 55* F) it feels and looks a bit like the California Coast Line, making me a bit homesick at missing my California summer!

I’m planning on hitting up the Blue Mountains, as many beaches as possible, some museums, and whatever else comes my way, with a visit to see my friend Vicki (who I met in Estonia) and a mini Contiki Bus Reunion sometime this week as well.

I will definitely have some time this next week to get a few photos and posts from Malaysia, Brunei, the Philippines and the rest of my travels up and shared.

P.S. – Australia does not just have Kangaroos hopping around everywhere, and it is indeed a FACT that they are loyal to their Vegemite. Other then that, the beaches are lovely, and I fit in pretty perfectly until I talk!

Happy belated 4th of July to everyone! XO

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