Mosquito’s and Bad Wifi

So Asia has been a broken record of super chill songs, mixed in with horrible horrible repeats and scratched bits that just won’t stop glitching. Mostly Mosquito’s and Bad Wifi have been the bane of my existence.

My new signs of aging, in the form of sun spots that have popped up everyone once in a while over the last few years, have nicely melded with the loads of scars I have from simple mosquito bites, which one little scratch will turn into a scar because of the bacteria and humidity. They’re little *ssholes over here. No amount of bug spray or itch cream seems to be able to remedy an itch or to fend them off.

Oh and then there was the bed bug incident of 2017, in which I experienced, rather unpleasantly bed bugs for the first time, at my very last hostel before leaving Malaysia. I’d been looking for a souvenir for the entire trip, and low and behold, I found this parting gift. Bed bugs are possibly WORSE then mosquitoes. I got bed bugs in Melacca I’m fairly certain, and had to essentially strip naked upon arriving in Perth, Australia and then wash everything that I owned. I was covered in bites from head to tow and only yesterday did the scabs finally go away. The scabs were largely in part to my itching, which was basically impossible to not itch. I tried every cream and anti-itch ointment on the market and they just did not help.

Mosquito bites on the other hand have been sticklers as well. I have lathered myself in bug spray daily, nightly, incessantly, and sometimes it works and others it doesn’t. Possibly because I’m just sweating it off? but my ankles mostly seem to be the favorite buffet; along with elbows and the crease of my arm. So the leftover markings are white spots where it currently looks as though I’ve lost all of the pigment in my skin.

Bad internet has simply meant that I can’t upload ANY photos to be able to share blog posts or stories with all of you back home. I’ve got so many amazing photos and stories I’m dying to share, and no way of getting on the internet. A simple upload to Instagram of one photo is usually a tedious 1 hour process!

Currently in Malaysia (again) and headed to Sydney in about a week. A very long story and blog post well overdue. I’ve all but taped my feet in socks so that I can’t itch them any more, and am looking forward to some cooler weather in a few days in an area where there are supposedly no mosquitoes. Missing you all! I will be spending 4th of July in Kuala Lumpur and have begun the search for hot dogs and illegal fireworks, the later being an easy find, the first being a bit more of a challenge!

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