Cheers from Coron! 

After a rough and super stressful few days in Manila and a 16 hour ferry with my “room” shared with 147 other passengers and a migraine the entire boat ride, I have landed in Coron, Palawan!

Needless to say, the day has progressively gotten much much better! The ferry was super interesting it’s a few giant rooms with 8 rows of bunk beds, and no storage, so if you’re a tourist you’ve got to constantly hold on to your bags and be looking over your shoulder. It was SO hot, SO HOT on the ocean and I had a wicked migraine from the stress of the last few days, so I basically laid in a puddle of my own sweat for the entire trip only getting up for 7-Up and water! We got dropped off at port at 3:45am in the pitch dark, and so although I’d met nobody on the ferry I quickly clung to a group of non-Filipinos aka White Kids and we took taxis to a hostel that 3 of them were staying at and then myself and another guy walked to the town of Coron once we’d had s chance to charge phones and regroup. 

We grabbed breakfast and watched the sunrise and then tried to check in to my apartment I’m in for the week, but it was only 7 am so it wasn’t ready. The hosts were still nice enough to let me drop off my bags though and then we decided to try to make the most of the day and go to a beach. 

Skye (travel buddy for the day) is from Cape Town, Africa and has been traveling for nearly 3 years and working on Super Yachts and is now going to be getting his final certification to be a dive instructor and will be working on the Palawan islands for several months. His buddy and he bought a boat together and he was pretty much stranded today until his friend could drive over to the island, which was kind of perfect because we were able to share the bills on the taxis “tricycles” and it’s nice to just have an English speaking mate after a week of hardly and talking. Coron is much better in regards to poverty than Manila, very laid back, but still very poor. 

There are only 2 beaches on the island which I found to be super surprising, and they are only reachable by taxi and you have to pay to access the beach. It’s s but odd, but the people have to make their money somehow?!? 

The beach was more rocky than beachy, but the water was warm and amazing, and I totally got fried, even though I put sunscreen on. The taxi had agreed to meet us back at 1 for a ride back into town and we grabbed lunch and I grabbed a few groceries, and then I was able to check into my little bungalow for the week! 

I HAVE MY OWN BED AND SHOWER AND A LIVING ROOM YOU GUYS!!!!! This is amazing, I’m so excited and I promptly took all of my stuff and threw it everywhere so the place feels right at home. Minus the fact that I miss my humans and animals and am wishing some of them were here with me. 

There are so many dogs and cats everywhere and most of them are super skinny 😦 but there’s not much I can do except try to understand that spay/neutering doesn’t exist, and be happy they at least seem happy for the most part. My hosts have a pup named Louie and a bunch of kittens which are adorable and clean and healthy and perfect for snuggles! 

The neighbor has turkeys, I saw goats and pigs today which are probably dinner and not pets 🙂 and I’m looking forward to some laid back island time where I don’t have to constantly be looking over my shoulder! 

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