Beijing: Day 1

Officially landed and settled in Beijing! The flight was great, I had the window and then the guy sitting next to me moved (not taking it personally) so I had a bit of room to stretch out. I didn’t sleep much at all, but watched 3 movies while attempting to unravel a ball of yarn I’d managed to knot up very badly, which I’m wanting to crochet into a summer scarf for my trip. 

Food was decent, but great service with menus, complimentary drinks and a buffet available with sandwiches and drinks in the back the entire flight after meal service! 

I landed and got through customs quickly. There’s always something super exciting about the first stamp in your passport on a new adventure, and then I was off like a herd of turtles, lugging my way too much luggage with me. (Immediately regretting the weight, although I seriously have no idea what I wouldn’t have packed!)

It was very overwhelming buying a bus ticket, I ended up paying WAY too much, but a very nice bus attendant helped to sort it out and get me a refund, finding the proper bus took over an hour… but I was finally on my way to Donghizen and then Qianamen where my hostel is located. 

I checked in and arrived at my room to find another girl inside, she’s super sweet, from Argentina, studying fashion at FIT in Manhattan and doing a study abroad semester in Hong Kong. I’m not saying we are going to be besties or anything, but I was SO happy to be able to speak English, and we went out for dinner as soon as I’d settled in. She told me her name once, it starts with an R, like Rosalinda or something similar, and I just flat out don’t remember because it was an exhausting trip, but we’ve decided to go to the Great Wall today together, so I’m sure I’ll grab it then 🙂 

Dinner consisted of a Hot Pot, which is a 2 person meal, so I’m glad she was willing to try it. And I say IT because it’s hard to explain how I feel about this meal. It was a very unrefined Shabu Shabu, consisting of fatty beef, and a choice of vegetables, after struggling to order we got cabbage, spinach, noodles, and beef, and the “sesame gravy” which is the dipping sauce. It was an experience, but nothing I’d order again, the noodles were fettuccine essentially, which was a weird combo with cabbage and a very thick peanut butter sauce. But it was warm food in my stomach before crashing for the night. 

A quick shower and some research for today and it was off to bed. 
Today I’m heading out to the Great Wall of China, I’m very very excited! It’s SO hot here, 80 degrees, but most people wear long sleeves and thermals… I stick out like a sore thumb and my super classy travel wear 🙂 

Off to the Wall! 

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