Next stop Beijing! 

Layovers are my favorite 🙂 but after an extended wait in Seattle… I’m about to be off to Beijing, China!

Currently weighing in at 118.8 lbs, with my backpack/s weighing 46.2 only WAY MORE then the recommended weight to gear ratio… but a lot of my items are things that will slowly get used up along the way (like my unlimited supply of Aquaphor and lotion) and so my bag should get lighter as I go! 
Very very high chance of not having the ability of reaching social media for these first two week! 

Current Bruise Count Pre-Trip is 9 leg bruises, 1arm, and 4 cuts. Over/Under on my clumsy count?!

Have I mentioned that I’m so excited for noodles to be an acceptable meal to eat for Breakfast, Lunch AND Dinner? 

This by the way, was my delicious last meal in California. Courtesy of Adam and it included all my favorite food categories: fried chicken, Mac n Cheese, sushi, and bubbles! So spoiled! 

And we are finally boarding! Next stop Beijing! 

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