Legion of Honor & de Young Museums

still life with melonFor anyone with a Bank of America account who doesn’t know: the first full weekend of every month is Free Museum Weekend  at select museums where the bank has partnered with museums in many big cities to offer free admission to customers! This meant that with looming rain on the forecast a trip into San Francisco was on the weekend agenda.
le pave de        The Legion of Honor was showcasing Monet: the Early Years in their special collections exhibit. His early years of impressionism focusing on landscapes and waterways were stunning. I had never been to the Legion of Honor before, surprisingly considering all of the museum trips I’ve made over the years, and this was definitely and amazing first introduction to the beautiful architecture of the building and the museums collections! Among my favorites of the Monet exhibit were Still Life with Melon, 1872 and Le Pave de Chailly, 1865.


A few of my other favorites of the Monet exhibit are shown  above!

After perusing the other collections and the Legion of Honor and a quick stop for some Pho Lunch, we headed over to the de Young Museum. (Same day free admission to one with a valid ticket from the other)

Danny Lyon: Message to the Future was inspiring. It was probably the most prolific collection of photography I have viewed since Bryan Adams: Exposed at the Fotografiska in Stockholm last year. His photography covering the Civil Rights movement was so raw and thought provoking that it felt as though you were right there in the middle of the rioting.

Some of his photos on display are available to view online through the Veterans of the Civil Rights photography page.  To be honest I’d only seen a few of his photographs over the years, and didn’t associate them with the name Danny Lyon, but his story and journey were absolutely inspiring, and he is an artist that I definitely hope to study in the future 🙂

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