Camping: Not in the Cards

Before I begin my explanation of what a surprisingly fun weekend we DID end up having… Please Watch the video that explains a lot about the proper way to somehow still make a horrible camping experience fun:

This was on a Thursday after getting off of work and driving for 10 hours to a first-come-first-serve site at Red Rock National Conservation Area outside of Las Vegas…

It was full, so at 1 a.m. we made the judgement call to drive to Valley of Fire State Park for first-come-first-serve option #2. Upon arrival a sign stated that that campsite was also full. So now at 2 a.m. we deliriously decided we would find a place on the side of the road to stop. But then, wait! Up on a bluff we see several RVs parked, we’ve found a BLM campsite! We drive up and pick a spot to pitch our tent.

Only one problem. It is VERY windy on the top of the bluff. VERY VERY WINDY.

Alas, at 3am 2 humans and 2 dogs gave up on trying to have somewhat comfortable sleeping arrangements and just decided to attempt sleep in a VW Passat. I say attempted, because I’m pretty sure that nobody actually slept.

Camping was not in the cards for us, neither was sleep, but although Night 1 was a bit rough, we still managed to maintain laughs and ended up having a great trip 🙂

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