Frankies Tiki Room

Classy AF – Indoor Camping in Las Vegas 🙂
Another super fun find! I’d heard about this place from Mark and Jenny, check out their awesomeness at Pizza A Casa Pizza School in New York, and then of course it was on Atlas Obscura, so when the weather on a weekend camping trip took a turn for the worse, we headed from Red Rock into Las Vegas for a bit of indoor tent camping and shenanigans.

FrIMG_4512ankies Tiki Room is an off the strip locals dive bar with an (obviously) tiki flare. Smoky, dimly lit and a favorite of local lore and tourists alike, the drinks were sweet and strong.

No decent pictures were taken of this mini-adventure, so you’ll have to check out the bars website or do some searching for better pictures online! The joint was a smoking bar, and after a few too many years of working in smokey casinos in Reno, I’ve never been a fan of staying in smokey rooms long, and so we just had one drink and decided to mosey on over to the Peppermill Fireside Lounge, to knock another adventure off of my list!

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