Sonora Snowshoeing

Snow-crawling Gooseberry Trail


This weekend was all set-up to be my first time Snowshoeing, I’d researched the best trails in Sonora that were dog friendly, I’d looked into Snowshoe Rentals and selected which place to rent at along the way, and I’d made all the arrangements (or so I thought) to have an absolutely amazing trip up to the snow.

The trip still ended up being amazing, but the snowshoeing was not. In fact, it never actually happened due to a pretty Lynee-Standard series of unfortunate events…



After popping in and out of the car several times and checking the snow quality, we  (I say we but this is probably an I decision) decided that the snow was far too compacted and hard for snow shoes to be useful, and ultimately decided that the snow was walkable in hiking boots. I based this on my expert level of successful snow outings…

4 hours of hiking in Snow with no Snowshoes equated to less than a mile of distance covered.

But the weather was gorgeous, the scenery was majestic, and the company wasn’t half bad either, making the outing not quite a success, but definitely not a failure.


This adorable little pup Brookly got to visit snow for the first time, and had such a fun time running around and rough-housing with Caddy. Meanwhile the parents could hardly walk 2 or 3 steps before sinking, falling, or crashing down into the snow.

The laughs were bountiful, as were the bruises, and I’m still looking for my first real snowshoeing experience. Hopefully perhaps on the next visit to Denver.





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