Elmer’s Bottle Tree Ranch

Elmer Longs Bottle Tree RanchElmer’s Long’s Bottle Tree Ranch along Route 66, is everything you’d expect from a little podunk town and more. After an “8 minute” detour off of Highway 15 which landed my Honda Accord wheel deep in the sand, with a not so complimentary overnight stay in the tiny town of Hesperia, I finally arrived at my destination at Elmer Long’s Bottle Tree Ranch.

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There were no words to describe just how happy I was to be here after a long day of shoveling my car out of the sand, and the timing could not have been more perfect with the sun high in the sky and glimmering through the bottles. The “Forest” is made up of over 200 Bottles, and is located on Elmer Long’s Home Property on which he also resides. He allows his visitors to roam his yard-turned-forest, poke around the yard, and take pictures. On the day that we visited, you could see the smoke coming out of his wood burning stove in his house, which is in the middle of the property, right past the first set of installations.

img_2629Old heavy machinery, and hundreds of glass insulators from old power lines are scattered around the property, adding to the charm and antique feeling of this site. You can stop of for 5 minutes or spend upwards of an hour roaming through Elmer’s Forest, either or this is definitely an enjoyable pit-stop along Route 66.


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